Come see the Festival on July 18-19, 2020!

The Southern Oregon Kite Festival (SOKF) originated in 1993 as the dream of a kite enthusiast, Steve O’Brien, who had attended various kite festivals in the Northwest and saw how everyone, from young children to senior citizens, enjoyed themselves. With the extensive help of a Crescent City radio station and the Brookings-Harbor and Crescent City communities, the SOKF was brought to life to encourage that same enjoyment in Curry and Del Norte Counties.

What Is It?

The Southern Oregon Kite Festival is a free weekend of family entertainment, with colors and shapes and acrobatics in the sky, music to which the kite fliers choreograph their routines, a demonstration of indoor kite flying, a free kite-making tent for children, and a mixture of vendors supplying different meals and goods. World-renowned kite flyers and kite makers are invited to Brookings, Oregon, every year to display their talents. Since 1993 the free SOKF has drawn tens of thousands visitors to the Port of Brookings-Harbor on the 3rd full weekend of every July.

What Makes It Unique?

First: there is no competition at the Southern Oregon Kite Festival. The flyers are free to perform for their own and their audience’s enjoyment. The kite makers are free to bring whatever they wish to display, not what must be entered in a certain class.

Second: at most festivals, competitions are open to anyone with the requisite skill but, at the SOKF, all fliers are the invited guests of the Brookings-Harbor community. The Committee selects not only the best kite flyers and kite makers but only those who also appreciate the opportunity to perform on our intimate field and be able to closely interact with their audience.

What Does It Do?

As a result of its extensive community support, the Southern Oregon Kite Festival has become the largest retail sales weekend of the summer for many businesses in the Brookings-Harbor community. Restaurant patronage increases heavily and all motels and campgrounds are filled (some, by reservation, as early as the previous October), as the population of the region doubles for the weekend.

In an effort to increase this effect, in 2014 the SOKF expanded to include the indoor kite flying demonstration on Friday night.

Who Does It?

While started as the idea of one man, the Southern Oregon Kite Festival has always had extensive community support. Radio and TV stations as far away as Eureka donate airtime to publicize the Festival and the local newspapers donate extensive coverage to the Festival, both as a news item and with space for public service advertisements. Several hundred local businesses have given their financial support over the years, as well as countless individuals.

When the radio station originally producing the Festival was sold, the Port of Brookings-Harbor immediately took over the role of producer. When the Port determined in 2005 that it could no longer afford to produce it, a group of Brookings-Harbor citizens, unwilling to allow the Festival to blow away, transformed the Southern Oregon Kite Festival into a nonprofit corporation. Today, the Festival continues as a totally volunteer organization with a small unpaid Committee guiding the organization and over a hundred other volunteers, and helping the community annually raise the $50,000+ in donations and services necessary to produce the Festival.

Who Can I Contact?

Various levels of sponsorship are available, from $25 to corporate sponsorships and are acknowledged in our 80-page color program, on our Web site, and by announcements during the Festival. If you wish more information about volunteers, sponsorships, or bequests, please reach out to us via our contact page or inquire by snail mail at the address below.

Southern Oregon Kite Festival
P.O. Box 7314
Brookings, OR 97415

The Southern Oregon Kite Festival is a Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organization
State Registry Number 337643-90. Tax ID — 20-4951957
Tax Exempt Certification — 31473